Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Baby Central

Fresa, Her Cute Side
Project #18 in '50 in 2008' challenge - Fresa, El Elefante

My sister roped me into making more baby goodies for her. Not that I mind because they are cute, relatively quick and fun. And what other excuse do I have to make baby knits.

She even gave me plenty of notice this time (cough cough March cough). But like most things, I put it off and started a week before the baby was born. Granted, I might have been done in time for the birth if the kid hadn't arrived a couple weeks early.

Because of my procrastination, though, I wasn't able to knit an actual garment like I wanted to. Ahh, maybe next time I'll start with the big piece. I probably could have made the little dress as well, but I've got some personal crafting to do before our cruise next month and would really like to have it done for the trip. So I'm starting now.

Bubble Yum Saartjes
Project #19 in '50 in 2008' challenge - Bubble Yum Saartje Bootees

In the past couple days I've managed to cut all the pieces, but it's been a slow process since stealing time alone in the craft studio is tough to begin with. And made even harder this week with Mike working the evening shift with those dang state legislatures. My pup is so needy, but when I have her with me all she wants to do is play.

And seriously, she still thinks I'm one of her playmates.

Not good, but at least her teeth aren't as sharp.

Oh! So back to the baby goodies…as you can see I did a repeat performance as last time in the knitted items. Just no hand embroidered baby blanket.

I think I'm over the Elefante pattern. Two times is a lot for me. But he's just not turning out as cute as I think he should. The Saartje Bootee pattern, on the otherhand, will continue to be a go to pattern. So quick and incredibly adorable. Next time I vow to do them with the Little Sister Dress.

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