Saturday, August 30, 2008

Simple Saturday: part one - a playful doll

American Girl: Kit Kittredge

I'm tickled with how well this image came out, and as I've been asked by a few to share more about my American Girl collection, I thought I'd oblige. Especially since Kit is sporting the new outfit I picked up while in Chicago last weekend.

Molly was photographed as well, but since she's been seen here in the same outfit (in better conditions), only Kit's featured today.

Kit in Ruthie' s Play Outfit

The specifics:
doll- Kit Kittredge
outfit - Ruthie's Play Outfit

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Jenna Z said...

Awww, too cute! Wow, do you also make outfits? Because those are pricey! I'd buy Kit's glassware for my dolls if it wasn't MORE than I spent on my own dishes! Ha! Those pictuers turned out really nice, anything special you did for lighting?