Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Productive Labor Day

Chocolate Lollipop Pillows
Project #22 in '50 in 2008' Challenge - 3 Chocolate Lollipop Pillows

Despite being a national holiday celebrating taking a day off and having seriously itchy, almost debilitating eyes, I had a very productive Labor Day 2008.

Not only did Mike and I start to conquer the weed jungle that was our back alley way (sorry neighbor! we had no idea it was sooo bad!), chopping down weed trees, laying weed guard and topping it all off with river rock. I started to organize the studio/guest room (I swear the bed will be usable before we head off on the cruise), and I made two sets of three pillows for our living room. And I started a third set before I realized I may actually need to head to the fabric shop because coordinating Christmasy fabrics are not within my stash.

I did have a bit of a scare when I thought I busted the sewing machine. Thought I blew the motor, just turns out the switch can't be turned all the way on. It will require service, but hopefully not as extensive as a new motor.

Halloween Pillows
Project #23 in '50 in 2008' Challenge - 3 Halloween Pillows

I've had these pillows stashed away for a long time, always intending to work some up. But I never got around to it. This weekend though I really felt like knocking something off the To Do, but was not ready to tackle recovering our temporary living room chair. I was so surprised at how quickly I finished these (not that they are complicated).

And these aren't just simple standard pillowcases, where one end is open and flappy. They are the kind that are tucked in the back with overlapping fabric panels. Not as difficult as I imagined, I should have done it last time (not that that case lasted, I washed it after we moved and the seams busted!). It was that EASY.

I was surprised a couple weeks ago when I was in Michael's and they were prepping the Halloween displays, but now I'm in full-force Halloween mode (it's easier to make it thru the day thinking of Halloween than than anticipating our cruise - daydreaming of sun and water and no responsibilty makes it really tough to get thru the days). I'm trying to decide if I want to host our First Annual BYOP Pumpkin Carving Party. With minestrone and pocket sandwiches, pumpkin seeds, mummy cupcakes, and prizes. I'm not sure who we would invite, I don't want it to become some sort of drunken fest (a hazard when carving knives are involved) but we're kinda in that age group, ya know? Especially since the majority of the people we know down here are unmarried and in their 20s.

We shall see how I feel about it once we get back from vacation.