Friday, October 17, 2008

Pumpkin Throw Down…

Oscar The Grouch
Project #27 in "50 in 2008 Challenge" - Oscar the Grouch Pumpkin

I work for a very serious company…

We do things like paint hot dog ornaments and decorate pumpkins.

The joys of working for a small company in a creative field. We may have a lot of work, but we have a good time too.

So today we had our "first annual pumpkin throw down" with another small company we work with a lot. 6 contestants, some gourds and 4 prizes at stake.

Considering the desperate struggle to figure out how to decorate/carve my greenish blue pumpkin (picked for its beauty, not for its decorating prowess) after Grey's Anatomy last night, I actually pulled off a double win.

Most creative and Best of the Patch. Hell yeah!

If only I could share my mani/pedi with Mike. For he deserves some major props too. He's the one, after seeing me struggle to make a pumpkin clock ("most timely" - Ha Ha!) and listening to me complain that I busted my carving knife, said, "Well…it's a green pumpkin, so you should make Oscar the Grouch." With a roll of the eyes.

That was all I needed and in about 2 hours (and Mike's assistance constructing my lid out of wood) Oscar and Slimely the Worm were created.

The worry that I was going to have the lamest pumpkin proved to be unnecessary. But really I think I swayed the wait staff at the restaurant with my use of props and sewn eyebrows.

Or maybe as Mike suggested, Slimey just pulled it all together.


mom said...

Leave it to Mb to bring Sesame St. into the mix, but actually very good idea! It turned out to be adorable!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Mike on this one: Slimey pulls it all together. Bang up job, I'm totally impressed.

A Day That Is Dessert said...

I love this Oscar the Grouch pumpkin!