Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Monster i-Spy Bag
Project # 29 in '50 in 2008 Challenge' - Monster i-Spy Bag

Slowly chipping away.

I keep coming up with more project ideas, but time is the issue. That pesky little thing called a job is getting in the way. Ha! Alas, without it, there would be no craft. No fun.

Which is weird because when I first moved down here and was jobless, I spent a lot more money on crafting supplies than I do now.

Small i-Spy Bag
Project # 30 in ' 50 in 2008 Challenge' - Small i-Spy Bag

Bray's birthday present is now complete. As soon as I saw this on craftster, I knew I had to make one for the little trouble maker. Something non-electronic to keep him occupied while in the car or at a restaurant because no matter how gosh darn cool/convenient my mom's iphone is, that kid does not need any more technology in his life.

So instead of contributing to the purchase of an extravagant gift, Bray's cool aunt (or perhaps that makes me the uncool, hippie aunt) made him a hat, scarf, washcloth and not one, but two i-Spy bags!

Because, I mean, what kid does not love i-Spy.

And I cannot tell you how much fun I had searching for little things to put in the bags. I am so bad a figuring out good google keywords, so an internet search for cheap & tiny figures was out. I had to do it old school. Luckily we have a fun store downtown that carries bins of just the thing I was looking for, though sadly they were a rip off. They were trying to charge a quarter or more for each bitty toy, even the cashier thought it was ridiculous so I got them for 10 cents each. Better but still a bit too pricey to fill 2 bags, so I went the easier route and got some fancy buttons. I can't figure out how anyone would actually use these buttons as buttons, but hey, I got themed baggies for $1.50 each so I'm not complaining.

So, Bray gets a larger MONSTER bag, that's kind of a hybrid between a game and a stuffed animal (finally another use for that fur fabric I got a bolt of for like $9 when Joann's closed in the town I used to work in) and a smaller bag that could conceively be kept in my sister's jumbo purse in case she needs something to shut the kid up while they are out.

Attached to each bag is a fabric tag showing everything that is inside on one side and on the other, a listing. An improvement I made on the original that inspired me…a laminator is just too tough to get a hold of in these parts. Plus it won't get all bent up while hiding in the depth of a bag.

The best thing I found to put in the bags, you can barely see it on the Monster's tag…a mini rubber chicken! It's not even an inch long, but the funniest thing I've ever seen.

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