Saturday, November 08, 2008

Operation Gobble Gobble

Kitchen Disaster

In an effort to make our home as welcoming as possible so our family's would like to come back and celebrate holidays with us, Mike and I have been immersed in Operation Gobble Gobble (actually I just gave it that name) for a few weeks.

It started with the foyer and the tv cabinet (which is still yet to been seen here - the living room, just as the rest of the house, is a disaster zone).

Then took a slight detour when the Wii came and the PEZ dispensers came out, but we're back at full force. Hopefully achieving a bit more before Mike's new Wii Mario and Zelda games arrive.

I tackled our kitchen tonight, which has been in chaos since last weekend when we decided to REALLY get rid of the clutter magnet baker's rack. Instead of just talking the talk, I actually walked the walk and cleared that baby off. Only to move everything onto the freshly cleared off counters and table (Mike was pissed, as he had done the clearing off).

I made amends a week later, (though not entirely junk free) the counters are clear and things are organized.

Reorganized Pantry

While everything was pulled off the baker's rack, I pulled everything out of the pantry in hopes of condensing and hiding what had previously been available for the world to see.

I picked up a couple clearance (1.74 whoop whoop!) CD mesh bins last night to create a small dumping ground for our keys, phones, mail, etc on the tiny counter space next to the fridge (sorry, no pics…yet). A perfect solution (though it doesn't have an extra outlet to charge our phones) for a home command center. Right near the door we enter, with a built in magnet board where I plan to have a chore chart so we can stay on top of things, so hopefully Operation Gobble Gobble never needs to happen again. Because gosh! we both have lists a mile long of everything we need to accomplish in just a few short weeks.

After setting up the dumping ground…I mean, command center, I went to work on the pantry while my brine was brewing (Another vital part of Operation Gobble Gobble is to test our new recipes and cooking techniques before the big day. Thank god because I didn't read the brining directions thoroughly when I went to brine the turkey this morning and exasperated to see that I should have made my brine the night before). All the shelves were wiped down and the reorganization began. Not only did I fit the food and couple small appliances back in there, I was able to get our shopping bag supply, pulled recipe files, onion bin, flour and large pasta jar all in there with room to spare. Yes, all that stuff was out on the baker's rack for the world to see…in addition to all our daily crap, mail and a stereo (which was relocated to the top of the fridge). And if you can believe it, there is even room to spare (I'm thinking a potato bin - it's in separate cabinet from the onions). It helps that Mike and I do weekly shopping as opposed to stocking up.

PEZ Disaster

And though I made good progress on the kitchen tonight (I'm optimistic we'll keep it this good. I reorganized the fridge when we got back from vacation and it still looks great), I have the above mess to tackle tomorrow.

This is what your dining room looks like when you turn it into a photo studio to capture individual mugshots of 6 (I think) boxes of PEZ. I can't tell you how many dispensers that is yet, all I do know is from the first box the final count of dispensers (not counting doubles) is 105.

Here's to hoping we get those PEZ cabinets up tomorrow.

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