Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Queen

What? I'm Allowed On This Step Now?
Trying to keep me on task, Nibbler sits and watches while I work…and then she bites me.

It's amazing how gung ho I can get about one thing when I really should be doing a hundred other, more pressing items.

But instead of recovering our living room chair, knitting Christmas presents, making table linens for Thanksgiving or cleaning the house, I am taking photographs of individual PEZ dispensers, editing those pictures and cataloging them on Flickr.

A whopping year and a half after I initially decided on the method and spent the cash to get a pro account.

I really am the queen of procrastination.


Anonymous said...

you are the queen and your dad is the king. did ya ever wonder where you got it from?

M said...

"and then she bites me?" hee least I only get stared at...quite disconcerting (sp?) I must say.