Thursday, November 06, 2008

Wii Are Finally In The Loop.

Sarah Mii Yoga
Sarah Mii diligently doing her yoga.

Mike and I finally welcomed the new world of gaming into our home last Friday, yes, a Nintendo Wii. An early Christmas present to ourselves…hopefully we'll have enough cash now to buy gift for others.

We perhaps had the easiest transition into the world of Wii. No hunting stores. No early mornings in line.

We decided early last week to take the plunge after going over some holiday budget numbers and ordered online. Mike had begun "stalking" (really he just signed up for a notification email) a website that would tell him when something was available online the week before.

We ordered and it was in our hands in less than a week.

Our initial plan was to get Wii Fit right away, but when it proved to be tougher to find, we were ok with waiting until we could find one for the price we wanted (90 vs 120+).

And what does that patience get us…a Wii Fit, just 2 days after getting the Wii.

I wa up early Sunday thanks to the time change, going through ads and what do I see but an ad for Circuit City handing out vouchers for Wii Fits 1 hour before the store opens. A quick check of store hours and tossing on some jeans, I was at the store 56 minutes before it opened to obtain my voucher. And an hour later I was the proud owner of 1 of 8 Wii Fits to be in store.

I'm pretty sure obtaining a voucher to get a game makes me a hardcore gamer.

I now proudly don my title as my little Mii and I do yoga and hula hoop together (I even named our trainer. I call her Melanie. I have not gone as far as to name my balance board…yet).

Sarah Mii for Reals
Sarah Mii for Reals…poor posture and the epidemy of boredom.


Linnea said...

Good for you :o)
That looks like so much fun!
you need to get guitar hero next...

Stacey said...

Yay! If you get Mario Kart, we can trade friends numbers and play together online :)

I'm getting a WiiFit for X-mas... gotta get in shape! :)

kasiaiscarly said...

ok, we're giving in after playing wii at a friends last night. what's this magic website to get notified of availability?