Sunday, December 28, 2008

Parade of Gifts #3 - The Wrap

Gratitude Wrap - Outside
Project #36 in '50 in 2008 Challenge' - The Gratitude Wrap

Just a couple more gifts left in this post-Christmas Parade of Gifts. Is that a sigh of relief or disappointment I hear?

Anyways, this Christmas, the stars aligned and I was actually able to plan a meet up with my dear friend, Darcy, whom I had not seen in two years. Knowing I would actually be seeing her, in the flesh, I knew I couldn't pull a stunt like we did last year where Christmas presents to each other didn't get mailed until May. So in the couple days before we headed north, I got cracking and pumped out this Gratitude Wrap, based on the pattern by SouleMama, to hold the personalized notecards I bought for her (along with a mini address book - complete with my address entered - and stamps).

Gratitude Wrap - Inside

Horrible winter weather almost prevented us from seeing each other…again. But Darcy's flight was actually able to land and Mike pushed through the nasty road conditions and car malfunctions and drove us our 3.5 hour drive to my hometown in 6.5 hours, safe and sound (despite me begging him to turn around an hour into the drive).

And now Darcy has no excuse not to write.

Is it wrong to give gifts with completely selfish motives?

Handmaking it has to cancel out some of the selfishness…I hope.

It turned out cute nonetheless, thanks to the free Amy Butler fabric I won. Now if only I could figure out how to properly do bias tape corners.

In other news:
Can anyone help me figure out how to wind my auto self-wind bobbin on my new machine I was given from my aunt? It's a Singer 9217, and I have no book. And I'm too too cheap to pay $20 for one - that kind of thing should be available for free on the internet! Every other machine I've used (albeit it only 2, but different brands), I've been able to obtain a manual online for free. What gives Singer?!

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