Monday, December 29, 2008

Parade of Gifts #4 - The Baby Book

Gwyneth's Family Album
Project #37 in '50 in 2008 Challenge' - Gwyneth's Family Photo Album

Though the cousins on Mike's side have a rule about not exchanging gifts, I always feel weird not bringing something. But I learned after my first Christmas in the family, when we gave everyone gift cards and then were subsequently scolded. I swear I didn't know.

But now that there is a baby in the family, how could we not bring an actual gift?!

Adults got some homemade peppermint bark, wrapped up nice and pretty. And little Gwyneth got a smaller and more simplified version of a fabric family photo album, like the one I made Bray a couple Christmases ago (though it appears that I never blogged about it…hmmm).

Gwyneth's Family Album - Detail

Despite needing to work with low-resolution images, using a different kind of iron-on so my images came out backwards, then running out of said iron-on paper before I was done only 2 days before Christmas and then to top things off, I melted her aunt's face and had to try and marker it in, it turned out pink & brown and cute.

I used eyelets with reinforced bows for binding this time around, and also skipped the decorative blanket stitch around the pages because I was short on time, but I had it completed, photographed (poorly) and wrapped before we even started packing for the trip up north.

Though she's a little young, she will at least have time to grow into it and enjoy it for longer than Bray.

I was also hoping to make a dent in my pink & brown fabric stash, but this barely made a scratch, let alone an entire dent. Hmm. Any ideas? It's not really my color combo, so I'm having a tough time. Perhaps I'll be waiting for next year's gift for little Gwyneth, though I'm pretty sure everyone would catch on.

Follow up to last night's sewing machine debacle:
I really want to thank Michelle over at Greeting Arts for coming to my rescue, and so quickly. In my googling of everything and anything that might bring results up for my machine, I came across a comment on Sew Mama Sew from Michelle, referencing the machine model.

Thank goodness her comment linked to her blog and I was able to find her email there. I asked for assistance, and she gave me it, so very quickly. That is why I love the craft blog community. They're always helping each other out.

The solution to get the bobbin to self wind was so simple, but I never would have figured it out. I wound the bobbin last night and sewed up my project this evening. And I've got to say I am loving the new machine so far. It's a little mysterious (like the hidden presser foot lever), but so smooth.

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