Saturday, December 27, 2008

Parade of Gifts #2 - The Hats

Bzz Hat
Project #34 in '50 in 2008 Challenge' - Cream Bzz Hat

After presenting Bray with the Meathead hat I knit for him for his birthday, I was bombarded with requests for handknit hats when at home a couple weeks ago for my grandfather's funeral.

Ok, bombarded is a bit of an exaggeration but considering the proximity to Christmas, those two may have well been 20. I man what kind of miracle worker do my sister and dad think I am?

Project #33 in '50 in 2008 Challenge' - Striped Ribbed Hat

Well, they were right. I'm a Christmas miracle worker. Bringing handknits to all that ask. I guess I'm a little like Santa.

Both hats knit up in the course of a couple knits. Thank goodness for comfy couch, cuddly pups and A Charlie Brown Christmas. Despite needing to rip out the Bzz (do not follow the pattern, go to Ravelry and check out everyone's modifications before you start), I was able to get the rest of my parade of gifts done with enough time to wrap them as real gifts!

I must again advocate making a 2x2 rib cap THE beginner knitting project.

I seriously was able to make my dad's hat in just two evenings of watching tv. And it ends up looking like you slaved over it. Which is kinda nice to throw a bit of guilt back at those who put in such last minute requests. Not that I really want anyone to feel guilty about wanting one of my handknits.

Stay tuned, I still have a few more gifts I was able to crank out this past week.

But for now I'm putting down the iPod touch and I'm going to dive into the pile of great books I received for Christmas. Though I'm having a tough time deciding which to start with.

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