Thursday, January 01, 2009

A Cozy For Everything.

Compost Cozy - Back Detail
Project #39 in '50 in 2008 Challenge" - Compost Jar Cozy

For Christmas, Mike wanted to get me an attractive, yet sealable way to hold compost scraps in between trips to the compost bin.

An excellent idea, considering my previous method involved a large open bowl, a plate or a plastic newspaper bag sitting next to the sink. Not pretty really. And possibly stinky, though I don't think we ever reached the stink-level.

He found me a glass jar with a lid, but being glass, it is clear and therefore we would be able to see all the food scraps as we filled it up. So Mike thought he would get some fabric and create a cover for it. It would then match the kitchen and be pretty enough to sit out, but still get the job done.

Compost Cozy - Front

As he started his project (aww, he made me a Christmas present), he was first going to turn to glue but smartly thought it was best to make the fabric removable therefore we could throw it in the dishwasher when necessary.

This is where Mike's plan kinda fell apart, though I give him major props for even trying. But he knows his solution wasn't the prettiest.

I took it upon myself to spruce it up (with his permission, of course) and created this little cozy wrap out of his original fabric cut and then a few little odds and ends. For some reason it was important to me to use his original cut of fabric, even though it didn't makes its way all the way around the jar and he provided me with all the leftovers he had (where I could have cut a proper size piece).

Compost Cozy - Back

It kind of looks like my compost jar is wearing a cardigan, doesn't it?

I have two remaining projects that I finished in 2008 for my '50 in 2008 Challenge.' I didn't make it to 50, but I'm proud of myself for getting as far as I did, since I took nearly three months off from crafting when we brought Nibbler home. Both Mike and I spent a lot of time those first few months just sitting on the hardwood floor with her after work. Giving her plenty of quality time after being cooped up while we were at work and waiting to make sure she really was potty trained.

Now she's free to roam the house, for the most part, while we're both home, so I'll able to steal the time up in the craft room with or without her at my feet. 2009 should be a more productive year, that's right I'm going for it again. It's weird, 50 projects doesn't seem like many especially when seeing the others' progress (where some reached 80+ projects in 2008), but for me, it's a good number to strive for. And I like being able to share with all of you.

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