Saturday, February 28, 2009

The 2009 Team of the Year is…

Annual Fantasy Baseball Team Shirt - 2009
Project #7 in '50 in 3008 Challenge' - Mike's 2009 Fantasy Baseball Team Shirt

As per tradition (three years now), for Valentine's Day I made freezer stenciled Mike a team shirt for his fantasy baseball team. It started out as something for him to wear to his league's live draft party, and though that's kinda faded away since everyone has spread out, the tradition of the shirt has stayed.

A nice momento? Or perhaps just an easy gift for a wife to give a husband that does not want anything? I won't say.

It is nice to see Mike actually wear something I make him. I tend to give him a hard time about that because he rarely wears (like went years without knowing where it even was) the hat I knit him when I taught myself to knit. But the proof lays in these shirts that he does actually wear, like, remember the things that I've made for him.

It's most likely the hat is just too itchy…

Annual Fantasy Baseball Team Shirt - 2009

And the name for this year's team, you ask, is Merkle's Boners.

Nothing dirty, mind you.

It just refers to a boneheaded play.

If you haven't noticed, Mike is kinda into weird and unusual baseball history and like to draw from that knowledge when picking a team name (2008 & 2007).

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