Thursday, February 26, 2009

Punk Gloves for a Punk Kid

Bray's Fingerless Mitts
Project #6 in '50 in 2009 Challenge' - Bray's Golden Mitts

My nephew has reached the age where he's beginning to develop an attitude.

There are plenty of "I don't wanna talk to you"s and "loser"s, but then there are times when he genuinely wants to talk. To sing me "Single Ladies" by Beyoncé in his little four year old voice. To tell me how the scarf I made him broke (I'm still trying to figure it out because my sister says it's not unraveling). And to tell me so excitedly how much he loves his new mitts (though in the excitement he kept calling them scarfs - ha) and asking if I can see them on him.

I love that he doesn't grasp the concept that I can't see him when we talk on the phone. Seriously, this kid asks me every time he actually wants to talk to me. He'll be out of that stage soon, I suppose.


A week or so before my sister's birthday, she left me a voice mail saying Bray loved the fingerless mitts my mother-in-law made her for Christmas and asked if I could make him some. As Valentine's Day was near (so an excuse to give a present - for awhile he would ask every time Mike and I saw him where his present was, so I try to make sure there's a "reason"), I decided to put off sending my sister's birthday gift by a few days so I could make my little buddy some mitts of his own.

No pattern, so meager attempts to search for a child size was fruitless, so I winged it. Kinda tough considering my four-year-old's hands were a few hundred miles away and I don't know any little kids here. But from what I hear, they fit and they fit well.

Who knows if I'll ever really know, but he likes them so that's all that matters.

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imripple said...

They turned out cute!