Monday, April 27, 2009

Family Camping or How Not to Sleep

Guard Dog

Friday was gorgeous. Warm, sunny…and a bit windy. But Mike and I decided to pack Nibbler up and head to a local state park for the night.

Enjoy the outdoors, eat some marshmallows and hot dogs all before the mosquitos start ruining everything.

Despite the apparent smile on Nibbler's face, she was freaked out by the whole camping experience. So much so, that she actually just sat on the door of the tent until she was finally coaxed to some sleeping bags near the fire with lots of graham crackers and a hot dog.

Which actually turned out great for us on one hand because we didn't have to worry about her barking at neighboring campers.

On the other hand, since she was such a nervous nelly and it was REALLY windy neither Mike nor I, nor Nibbler got more than a hour or two of sleep. Which is saying a lot considering we went to bed at like 8:30 (it was dark - no tv keeping us up).

Not Sure About This.

After a night of the tent swaying to and fro, and at time being blown nearly flat on top of us, we high-tailed it out of there at 6. Rain clouds looming and the promise of long johns and chocolate milk pressing us even more.

It ended up not raining at all. Go figure. But at least we had an excuse to nap on a nice Saturday. Windows open, sun shining in. Those are the best kind of naps, right? The ones where you don't care about responsibilities or the things the could be getting done.


Stacey C said...

Aww!! I love that pic of Nibbler!

Anonymous said...

Awww, you can tell she's nervous. Poor lamb. How were the s'mores? -Darcy