Friday, April 17, 2009

In Action

Kiddie Cadet in Action
Project #14 in '50 in 2009 Challenge' - Chocolate Kiddie Cadet
photo courtesy of this little guy's mom

Look how lucky I was that this little guy's mom sent me a picture of the hat I knit him in action.

If my kid looked that cute yawning, I'd want him to be seen too!

About a month ago, an old high school friend contacted me after seeing the Guacamole First Hat and asked if I'd be willing to make a hat for her new baby boy, and sent along a link to
a hat she'd admired.

Needless to say I was up for the challenge, but as luck would have it the hat she liked was crocheted (which I cannot do - though I'm getting closer and closer to finally taking the plunge because I need to make these). I poked around and found the same style hat in a knitted version available in a free pattern, Kiddie Cadet. And after running it by my old friend, I was off and running (well, after that 2 week hiatus from a real life).

My goal was to finish in time to hand deliver to my friend at Easter while we would both be in our hometown. And despite needing to restart after being nearly complete (are you noticing a trend?), I was able to finish it even before we headed on our 4 hour car trip.

Chocolate Kiddie Cadet - Top

There was actually enough time for me to take pictures…in my own home. Go out and buy a baby head-sized ball with I realized a wadded up towel would not suffice, and then go home and take more pictures. And then heck, I even made a fabric easter basket and 3/4 of a doggie diaper bag.

What can I say?! I was on a roll last week.

Hopefully I can be half as productive this weekend.

On a side note: Don't you love the top of this hat? I'm so going to use this decreasing technique when I reknit the Robin's Egg Pink hat. Though with all the modifications I'm planning on making to it I'll have to come up with a different name.

Things I'm loving right now:
• riding my bike to work today(though my butt's sore from the seat-oww!)
• grilled turkey cheeseburgers & pasta salad eaten outside in the sun
• being treated to 3 straight home cooked meals
• satisfaction of completing a design that will hopefully rock the socks off the client
a new knitting app
• an exciting Cubs win this afternoon
• it's Friday!

I'm going to go snuggle on the couch, put some NPR on and start knitting my cupcake hat…again.


The Mousty Family said...

What a handsome little man....he must take after his mama;)

Thanks Sarah!

Forgetmeknotgardens said...

Great hats!