Friday, May 01, 2009

A Little Sunshine for this Dreary Week

Snack Time

Wow, I don't know what it's been like where you live, but here it has been SO dreary. I thought we would get some sunshine this weekend, but it appears that the forecast has changed from the beginning of the week and we're in for more rain, clouds and chill.

So instead I bring sunshine from last weekend…the next best thing, right?

Do you see that little pup nibbling on my newly planted tomato plant? We have little landscape fencing up, but it was just too close to the plants. Luckily I was back there to see she could actually eat our new plants as the garden is hidden from view by our garage. I moved those little fences out six inches and a week later (besides be drenched by rain) all our veggies are still there and intact.

Here I Come!

We seriously have the funniest dog. I mean, look at her gallop towards me. This is probably right before she attacked me for trespasses in HER backyard (which was not funny), but the real reason she's funny is because of the way she obeys the tiniest or flimsiest fences.

A short, loopy, wire fence not even one foot away from yummy plants deters her. Baby gates clumsily placed part way across a door way will keep her contained in the kitchen. A partly open crate door (or room door for that matter) will keep her contained even when we say, "go! Push it open, silly girl. You can practically walk through already."

So despite her over exuberance, she is a very funny timid dog. If only everyone could see because when other people are around, wowsa, is she a handful!

Garden Planted

In other non-Nibble-related news, if you couldn't tell, we planted our first garden on Sunday on a gorgeous day. It's a small plot, not wanting to overdue ourselves our first try, though I do have grand plans of canning pasta sauces, green salsas, strawberry jams and dill pickles this fall. I'm pretty sure this little plot won't do much more than subsidize some of our typical farmers market fare.

But at least we'll get our feet wet (or thumbs green). If all goes well, I hope to get some potatoes and garlic planted this fall. And then maybe next spring I'll actually have a solid garden plan with a large plot and things like seed catalogs.

Here's to hoping this week (or two) of rain doesn't drown my little plants. I already had a scare with my herb pot, so until we figure out how to create some drainage in the pot, that baby is living on our kitchen table.


I have a thing or two up my sleeve for the month of May. First being "A Post A Day In May" in a repeat performance from last year. I didn't quite make it then, but I have high hopes for this year. Second being a special giveaway in celebration of the CraftNClutter Blogiversary and my birthday! You'll have to wait for details on that, though. Thirdly, well, as of right now there's not a third, but I'll keep thinking. ;)

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