Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hell Yea!

Camel Shoulder Warmer - Back
Project # 25 in '50 in 2009 Challenge'

It is complete.

And even christened, having worn it about for the unseasonably cool day we had.

It fits. It's comfy, a nice accessory for a cold movie theater in the summer. And it doesn't itch!

Back in the beginning of May, I finally embarked on the journey of creating an adult-size knitted garment and to make it even sweeter, I made it for myself. Something I rarely do with my knitting or crafting in general.

Two months and 9 days later it was complete. Granted I took at least a month break in there from working on it to make a heck of a lot of yo-yos.

The Shoulder Warmer pattern was a great pattern for a garment to take out and about. As the finished product isn't very big at all, it was very portable making it great for taking along on car trips, to baseball games or drive-in movies, and most definitely Tuesday Night Craft Group. With the initial use of stitch markers and then lots of straight stockinette and ending with a seemingly never-ending band of 2x2 rib, it's pretty tough to loose your place.

That's definitely my kind of project.

My intent is to enter this, my first knit adult garment (3rd overall - the others being a baby bolero and a baby dress), into the state fair this August. First place premium is a whooping...wait for it...$14!

I'm not expecting much as my first and only other foray into fair competion yielded no recognition, not even an honorable mention or participant ribbon at the county fair level. Hopefully the couple decades since that first go-around has improved my craftsmanship.

Plus Mike thinks the state fair will be flooded with knitwear by old farm wives. We shall see I guess.

For a dollar entry fee, it's not too much of a commitment. It's kinda exciting, and definitely gives reason to head on over the fair this year. I'll go, eat some BBQ pork & maybe some cheese fries & a "milkshake" (that is really just soft serve), see the butter cow & the diving show, and finally stop by the hobby building with anticipation.

If the weather continues on with these wonderfully spring-like temperatures, I'll have to risk washing it before the fair. Yikes! I didn't even block it (because 1, it doesn't look like it needs it and 2, it's a wool/acrylic blend so it doesn't really work, does it?), and I can see the ends just unraveling in the wash the day before the entry is due.


M said...

It really turned out the color!

Anonymous said...

Cute, cute, cute. I can't wait to get mine for Christmas oh, I mean my anniversary

Stacey C said...

I really like that! Good job!