Sunday, July 12, 2009

WIP Sunday

WIP Sunday: Desktop

Things I'm loving now:
- Saturday night at the drive-in double feature: Up & The Proposal, both funny and cute.
- Sleeping until 10 on Sunday & seriously considering not getting out of bed.
- Giving our upstairs carpet a good thorough cleaning. Only thing better would be getting hardwood floors up there.
- Nibbler's first doggie playdate. We just may be able to give the dog park a shot.
- Jumping on the laundry before it takes a few days to get it done.
- Getting time to start a late birthday present while listening to Jim Dale read Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince.
- Making a homemade pizza sauce using tomatoes & zucchini from our garden and basil from the windowsill for my homemade crust.
- Ending the weekend curled on the couch with Nibs, knitting and listening to the Cubs game.

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