Saturday, July 11, 2009

One for Me, One for You: May Fabric

May 2009 - Sarah's Choice
My Choice - Amy Butler Midwest Modern 2: Orange Dahlia colorway: Blush/Martini

May 2009 - Darcy's Choice
Darcy's Choice

Just in time for the turn into July, I finished up my May square…and sadly only one. The second sits with pieces collected, I just need a break from the tedium of hand sewing. Hopefully it doesn't become a habit, but I'm allowing myself to move on for a bit just because the construction of one square took nearly month (perhaps more) of pretty continuous work. Where I typically take a weekend or two to spend an afternoon with my squares, my May square was a regular companion, coming with me on a couple road trips and to Tuesday night craft group every week. Plus a few other random nights during the week. It could pretty much be said that I can't stand to look at or touch a second square at the moment.

Which is great, considering I have my Camel Shoulder Warmer to finish. Started back at the beginning of May, it has sat dormant while I fit in a couple other projects with looming deadlines (2 late quilt squares, a wedding gift & a father's day gift). But in the week or so since I finished up the May square (#1), I've been steadily working on my little shrug and am actually nearing completion. Though the 5" of 2x2 ribbing that encompasses the neck, bottom back and the cardigan-like front sides, is starting to wear on my patience much like the quilt square did. I've been working on it pretty diligently, all intention is to enter it into the state fair, and in a few days of working exclusively on the edging this week, I am only 1.75" into the 5" I need.

This thing has been so portable that it has accompanied me to a collegiate league baseball game, craft group a couple times and Fourth of July fireworks all in the two weeks since I got back at it. And tonight I intend to tote it along to the drive-in, when we go see Up & The Proposal (that's another story, but let me just say how ecstatic I am to have moved from one are with a drive-in to another. there's nothing better than seeing 2 first run movies for $6 with the nostalgic novelty). But that means I've been working on it much longer than I usually would be working on a project during the same time period, and I'm beginning to feel like it may never be complete despite how close I seem to be.

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