Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Doggie Play Date

Doggie Play Date: Nibbler & Buster Chasing

Even with a SLR, I had a tough time catching Nibbler and her new buddy, Buster while they were playing…chasing each other all over the lot before collapsing in the shade for a water break.

Play date #2 was a success. Nibbler didn't run away, despite having an opening. Buster didn't try to mount Nibbler. And Nibbler didn't snarl and snap at Buster after putting up with his advances for an hour and a half straight. All wins in my book.

Both dogs are learning the other's boundaries, though Nibs is still a bit pampered. Her new gimmick was to yip and cry like Buster had bitten her or something when she wanted him to not chase her, and then run over to me and scoot between my legs for protection. I guess it worked because Buster was cool about letting her be for a bit. And Nibbler was never not interested in Buster, she was always watching him so I think they're a good match.

Doggie Play Date: Nibbler & Buster Relaxing In The Shade

It's nice to have another dog around that's Nibbler's size & age and has energy to match hers. The dog park may be in our future.

So do I sound like a mom? Before Nibbler and I headed out on Sunday (me armed with the doggie diaper bag full of treats, water, baggies,etc), I was talking to Lonny (my sister) on the phone and telling her we had to leave soon because we had a playdate. And she said, somewhat increduously, "you have a playdate for your dog?!" Why yes, I do. She needs friends too, right?

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