Monday, August 31, 2009

Masochistic Mondays: week 5

The Stats (August 31, 2009)
Starting Weight: 188 lbs
Current Weight: 185.6 lbs

Gosh, it sure is amazing what a day of eating out can do to the scale. Since Wednesday, up until my last step on the scale Saturday to weigh a box - I was riding 185.0 consistently and then Sunday came. Mike had a group of grad school friends in town so we headed out for a super extended (not by choice) brunch and then for dinner headed out to enjoy asian food for another friend's going away party. Perhaps a breakfast pony shoe & 2.5 crab rangoons were not the smartest choices. The crab rangoon was totally worth it…pony shoe, not so much.

In more up lifting news, I jogged for 20 minutes straight without stopping. Or thinking I was going to die! I was totally freaked out Saturday afternoon when I looked at the day's Couch to 5k workout - I mean, it jumped for jog 8 min, walk 5 min intervals to jog 20 minutes. But I totally did it and the kicker is I could have gone a minute or two longer I bet.

Some of you might be thinking, that this isn't that big a deal but in my whole life I have only ever run the entire way through 1 mile ONCE, in like 11th grade using my track star friend as motivation (despite her lapping me probably twice - ok, and it didn't hurt that the boy I had a crush on was in my class as well). So jogging for 20 minutes straight is momentous. In my 30 minute training workout, I ended up doing close to 2.25 miles. Nike+ has me done to just under a 14 min mile. It's exciting to see improvement - maybe just maybe I will be able to finish a 5k!

I'll be taking a break from the scale next week, it kinda feels like CraftNClutter is turning into WeightNFood as of late, so I'm going to focus on some crafting that has been going on here as well. That's right, I'm not just all Couch to 5K training and cookbook challenges - I've actually been making stuff, too! I just need to get some photos taken. Lately that's been the tough part for me that and sitting down at the computer to write or more so thinking of something semi-interesting to say about what I want to share.

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