Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cookbook Challenge: How To Eat Supper #8

Luxury Scrambled Eggs
The Splendid Table's Luxury Scrambled Eggs

Just a warning, as I said last time I've been on a cookbook challenge kick, currently I have a backlog of 7 recipes I've tackled, including this one. Some were delicious. Others were not really my thing. I contemplated combining them into one post, but where's the fun in that, right? Basically what I'm getting at is there are a lot of food pictures stored up and perhaps not a lot to say about them, so don't be surprised if you get some photo-only posts.

I do have to good things about these Luxury Scrambled Eggs.

This is how scrambled eggs were meant to be eaten.

Cream cheese, green onions, a smidge of cream. Yummy.

On a normal basis, we tend to get a bit lazy when it comes to scrambled eggs. Me more so than Mike. At least he whisks in some milk and maybe a sprinkle of shredded cheese. I tend to just beat the egg, scramble it up and throw it between some bread with a bit of mayo and tomato for a quick breakfast sandwich.

But these eggs, these eggs were some different. Silky, smooth and delicious. And made a wonderfully filling dinner (yes, I made them for dinner). I think the abundance of green onion helped make them feel dinnerish. They won't become a staple on our breakfast table, but only because I wake up with very little time to get ready for work and most days I'm lucky to get out the door with a peanut butter sandwich in hand. But I can see these becoming a special weekend treat, for those weekends when I actually get up early enough for Mike to have not eaten, or perhaps when we have company over and we need to feed a table full. Maybe combined with some cinnamon rolls or a homemade bagel (seriously I'm getting very hungry talking about this but seeing as midnight is getting closer, it would probably be best to go to bed and hope the breakfast fairy wakes me up with something good).

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