Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hard At Work


Downside to not going to work: I tend not to drink anything when I'm home, therefore I get dehydrated and become plagued with headaches.

I even tried to make a conscious effort by having my water bottle filled and opened at the counter while I worked around the house. But here I am, at 9:30, water chugged, tylenol popped and I'm still fighting a headache that rears it ugly head every time I go from standing to sitting. Like my brain can't handle the altitude change or something…ha!

My day was spent accomplishing a lot, too much maybe. I was able to knock a lot of things of the to do list in a short amount of time, not exactly the precedent I want to be setting or Mike might expect that kind of magic more often.

But for the most part things are ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow. Last couple things on the agenda: put turkey in the brine and prep the crab rangoon (yum). Then I'm going to bed and sleeping until 10 (so Mike, you better not wake me up).

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