Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cookbook Challenge: How to Eat Supper #19

Cheese-Gilded Linguine with Smoky Tomatoes
The Splendid Table's Cheese-Gilded Linguine with Smoky Tomatoes

I have quite a backlog of food posts and craft posts. Since I don't think I can commit to blogging every day, I think my choices are either to dump everything in one post or just forget it. Hmm, I'll have to think about it.

Anyways back to the food.

I've been a busy bee in this new year. As I've declared 2010 the year of finishing things, I've not only been destashing my yarn stash by making dishcloths and decluttering random spots in our house, but have also been flying through recipes in my cookbook challenge.

Let's see, it's the 14th and I've made 6 recipes. You'd think at that rate I'd almost be done, but I'm not.

In my quest to eat less processed food, I spent part of the summer experimenting in making my own pasta sauce and wasn't really successful when I tried to wing it. Bland, flavorless, mealy. Little did I know that the answer to my pasta sauce quandry was right in this little book of mine...twice. You may recall back in August when I took some leftover tomato soup made from How to Eat Supper and made a delicious pasta sauce. Well, this is a nice counter to that. Where the soup based sauce was rich and slightly creamy, this is chunky with a kick from some red pepper flakes.

Both ends of the spectrum covered, and I'm not sure whether I'll try my had at perfecting my homemade sauce any further. I mean, why bother...someone else worked it out for me ;)

Now to decide which will grace my first version of homemade pasta using my new Kitchenaid pasta attachments that I plan to make this weekend.

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