Monday, April 19, 2010

Masochistic Mondays: Week 38

The Stats (as of April 19, 2010)
Starting Weight: 188 lbs
Current Weight: 176.1 lbs

Sorry, blogosphere, I've been gone a long time, huh?

Work kinda consumed me for a few weeks, then we went on a mini-vacation and then it took some time just to get back in the swing of things. Though our house is a disaster still, it is slowly regaining semblance of a house of order. And as I've kicked myself into gear the last week, getting back on track with eating right and exercising.

You may have noticed that there's been a down shift in weight from the last time. This is a relatively new development, with the downward trend starting last week after a rather gluttonous 4 day weekend in NYC.

I'm very happy to finally be out of the 178-180 swing I was in for MONTHS. I just hope I can continue to make progress.

In other exciting news, tomorrow I will be the owner of a Garmin Forerunner 305. I (guiltily) skipped my run today, but I plan to make it up tomorrow by taking the new Garmin out for a spin before craft group. I find the gadgets very motivating - currently I'm using a Nike+ with my ipod, but after nearly 9 months, I'm starting to get frustrated with the sketchiness. I'll have a really good streak of using it and then always, ALWAYS, the day that I really feel like I made progress and I want to compare, it decides not to track my mileage. Frustrating. But hopefully the new Garmin will clear that for me.

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