Monday, May 03, 2010

Masochistic Mondays: Week 40

The Stats (as of May 3, 2010)
Starting Weight: 188 lbs
Current Weight: 176.8 lbs

You may have noticed I was MIA last week during my regularly scheduled check-in time. Well...I was feeling ashamed. After finally breaking through my plateau two weeks ago (and maintaining for a week), I rebounded back to the dreaded plateau after an indulgent date night. It took some serious awareness to get back out of the plateau (every time I type that I hear that dun dun dunnnn in my head), but I'm hoping to keep the awareness heightened.

Mike has started coming on a run with me during the week, kind of like a coach. He was a runner (having finished 2 marathons), so he gives me tips. Things like relax. Keep your head up. Set goals. Stop worrying about how far you have left to go, etc. Though I complain and struggle more when I run with him, he is helping. Each time we run a slightly longer route, I struggle, I say I can't, we end up walking some of it, but then you know what? The next run I end up being able to run the entire route. My latest accomplishment being running 2.5 miles straight. That's right...without stopping to walk! Sure, I am not the fastest, but I ran the whole thing. At this rate, I might actually be up to a 5k in a few weeks.

According to Mike, once I start being able to run farther at a time, it will be easier to drop some pounds with the running. So I probably won't turn to improving my speed right after reaching the 5k length. I'd like to know I can run further than 5k before I sign up for a 5k race. I guess I should start looking into one to sign up for this summer. As motivation, you know.

I'll sign off for now, I've got a run to get in before making dinner and I'd like to watch How I Met Your Mother as well, so if I don't hurry up making dinner could cut into the show for yet another week.

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