Saturday, May 22, 2010

To Wipe the Tears...

Dharma Initiative Dishcloth

It's the big weekend...LOST is officially ending tomorrow night and ABC has turned it into a weekend event - heaven, right?

In preparation for this momentous television event, I worked up a dishcloth pattern featuring the Dharma Initiative logo. I mean, I'm sure those in Dharmaville had something just like this to wash their dirty dishes, we just haven't seen it yet on the show. Though now that I think about it, it will probably be one of the questions we don't get answered.

I know I just recently said I don't typically do this kind of thing in this space, but later this summer (June 19, in fact) I will be participating in our local American Cancer Society's Relay for Life event. I typically stay way from doing fundraising events - basically because I have a difficult time asking people for money, but this year a friend, who is a cancer survivor, asked if I would join her team. And this year, I felt compelled to get over my issues and support my friend as well as my grandfather and uncle who have both been undergoing cancer treatments after being diagnosed early this year.

So as an incentive to donate, I'm offering this Dharma Dishcloth free with any donation! Please visit my Relay for Life donation page (for donations $10 and up) or donate via Paypal (for smaller amounts - on June 19th, 2010, I'll make one big donation on the behalf of my crafty friends on the interwebs) and give as much as you can to help fight cancer, honor a loved one lost or support someone you know who is fighting cancer or is a survivor.

You can visit the Ravelry page for the pattern for download instructions (there are also the instructions for donating too so all the info is in one spot). Or if you don't have access to Ravelry, please feel free to email me at craftnclutter {at} gmail {dot} com after you donate and I'll send it your way.

I really appreciate any donations you can make, and I look forward to seeing some other Dharma Dishcloths pop up around the web and on Ravelry - it will probably come in handy to wipe away the tears as the final credits roll tomorrow night (so you better buckle down and get this knit during the 2-hour recap before the finale - haha).