Saturday, May 30, 2009

Use Protection…

Groom's Wedding Colors Face Mask
Project #22 in '50 in 2009 Challenge' - Mr. & Mrs. Face Masks

Brides's Wedding Colors Face Mask

My boss is getting married next weekend, and when this whole H1N1 flu thing broke out she had just days before booked her honeymoon in Mexico so it's kind of been a standing joke/struggle (well, and a concern for people like her parents) that perhaps it might be best to cancel.

They're pretty set on going both being small business owners with very little down time, so I get it. Every time it comes up, I tell her to just bring a mask. Problem solved, right?

Mike and I won't be able to attend the big event, so I wanted to make sure I had our present ready to give my boss before she was out mid-week in last minute preparations. Since the bride and groom decided not to register anywhere, I'm a bit clueless on a gift though I think my idea of making a donation to the charity my boss started is a good idea, I needed a tangible gift.

And heck, why not a funny, homemade one, right?

So today's craft project was to create some respiratory masks for the future Mr & Mrs in their wedding colors (and pretty close to the same pattern vibe they have going on) to use on their honeymoon.

Ok, I say they're for use, but really they're not. I'm pretty sure a couple layers of cotton and a square of craft felt offer little protection from nasty flu epidemics, but they're cute and a sign of the times.

Imagine one day little-boss-girl going through the treasures of her parents' wedding day and happening across these.

Oh, the memories that will be recalled…or at least a chuckle.

And my secret wish: to see a photo in their wedding garb doning the masks. Ha!

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