Thursday, September 10, 2009

Just Toss 'Em

Mike's "Cornhole" Bean Bags
Project # 30 in '50 in 2009 Challenge' - Mike's 'Cornhole' Bean Bags

Mike made his own Cornhole (aka Bags, aka Lawn Bags) boards and asked if I could make him the sets of bags.

It ended up being an excellent way to use up that pink & brown fabric I somehow acquired several yards of...especially since I lined each bag with it as well.

Though I didn't manage to clear my supply of pink & brown flower fabric, I did successfully clear out our pantry's dried goods supply - 2.5 bags of pinto beans, half a bag of barley and 3 or so cups of popcorn kernels - trying to fill these 8 bags up. The last bag is only about half full, but the rest have a nice heft, comparable I'm told, to the official bags used in bars. I just winged it, and have never played the game before, so go me!

A couple Fridays ago, the Bags even got a test run while we had friends over for an impromptu grad school mini-reunion for Mike and a few of his old friends. A good way to pass time while waiting for the inevitable late-comers to finally show up. I'm happy to report they work, I just had to make sure we got them inside over night or else our pesky, resident raccoon may have had a hearty feast.

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