Saturday, September 12, 2009

More Practice Needed

Traveling Taxi Bag
Project #31 in '50 in 2009 Challenge' - Travel Taxi Bag

In preparation for our trip to Europe, I wanted to create a travel bag that doesn't look like your typical travel purse - boxy, too small, nylon. Large enough to hold the DSLR, my large "passport" wallet, our travel plans portfolio as well as my glasses and the city maps we bought.

After searching through a few pattern company websites to no avail, I remembered that I have a relatively large collections of craft books, spanning subjects from knitting & crocheting to holiday crafts to sewing. So I pulled out a few and started flipping.

In Anna Maria Horner's Seams to Me, the Taxi Bag caught my eye...mostly like because of the awesome fabric she used in the photo. But there was a few problems with the original pattern - it was designed to be flung over the shoulder and it closed solely with a button & loop, not exactly ideal qualities in a bag to be used while trouncing around European cities known for gyspies.

So though I am still very novice in the realm of sewing, I set out to alter the pattern to lengthen the strap to lay across my body and to add a zipper to the construction.

Though not a perfect alteration (mostly in the zipper area), it was successful none the less. It zippers shut in a manner that will prohibit any hand from slipping in and out. It's not proper, but it works.

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M said...

Love the bag! Would make an excellent Xmas present for the MIL....hee hee! Hope it came in handy over there!