Tuesday, April 07, 2009

One for Me, One for You: February Results

February 2009 Square - Sarah
Sarah's February Square
Project #13 in '50 in 2009 Challenge'

I'm feeling genuinely happy today. There's a slight bounce in my step…and it's not even LOST night! I'm definitely looking forward to a couple days worth of comped time off, after working on one giant project exclusively for what seemed like forever.

Yesterday I was even able to complete some other projects, and even that felt good.

And what makes a day even better?

Well, spring chick and a blossoming flower. Perhaps both Darcy and I were getting a bit of spring fever when we put together our latest 'One for Me, One for You' squares?

Though now that I think of it, she lives in the land of perpetual nice weather…hmm. I guess I'm the only one with spring fever.

February 2009 Square - Darcy
Darcy's February Square

It's interesting to see how we each use the other's fabric.

From what I can tell, Darcy goes into each month with an idea of what she wants the square to look like. Then she makes my fabric fit in somewhere, whether is becomes the background or just the center of the flower (as in this month's square).

I, on the other hand, completely wait until I see her fabric choice first. Then I ho and hum about it, until I finally realize the month's deadline has passed by a week, so I'd better get moving. I tend to make the fabric choice the centerpiece of the square and go sorting through my relatively small stash to find something that works or head to the fat quarter aisle of the fabric store.

I don't think either approach is right, I just think it depends on the individual's execution of fabric coordination that can make or break the piece. Darcy, I think, has been pretty successful. I on the other hand, feel as if I flounder each and every time.

Which is so funny considering most people would assume I have the upper hand being in the "art" field.

Though I must say, I'm proud of my creativity to use only things from my stash on my spring chick square. I was a bit overwhelmed by the magnitude of colors in Darcy's fabric choice, but when I pulled out the brown polka dot fabric, I thought I could make it work. But of course there wasn't enough fabric to cut 2 squares for the background. I was determined to make it work and not go spend my precious allowance money on more of the same fabric, which would defeat the purpose of "shopping" from my stash. So I used those handy math skills I learned back in high school (and yes, the last time I took a math class was in high school) and figured out how to make 2 large enough patched squares from not enough straight fabric!

It was seriously amazing.

Now if only I could apply those same math skills to my hat knitting.

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